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  • Total area, m²299.0
  • Number of rooms3

136 000 € | 154 278 $ | 12 359 558 rub

  • 455 €/ m²
  • Number of rooms3
  • Total area, m²299.0
  • Gas supply
  • Plumbing
  • Sewerage


For sale new house, option 2A/510 - 3 bedroom, town lab (Láb), the region Malacky (Malacky), Bratislava region (Bratislavský kraj), Slovakia. House building, at the stage of completion of construction, by the numbers:

Price with VAT: 136 000,00 EUR
Number of rooms: 3
Living area: 77 m2
Built area: 100 m2
Plot size: 299 m2.

Perfect accommodation for young families. Modern apartment project offers a comfortable home in a family -2x, -3x, -4x, apartment houses and beautiful apartment with a gallery in terraced houses with private Parking and private garden in Láb.

The standard of construction of the house (holobyt):
- bricks HELUZ PLUS 25, the insulation 250 mm with EPS insulation is made of polystyrene. 160 mm, the finished facade - silicon plaster, stone veneer
- internal partition walls from bricks HELUZ 115 mm
- Chimney Schiedel KINGFIRE with fireplace.
- doors and Windows-plastic triple-glazed white, outside windowsill aluminium - white, inner plastic - white.
internal plaster gypsum, 2x white paint
- total floor thickness 250 mm (insulation 160 mm concrete 60 mm screed, waterproofing from ground moisture 2 x Gigabit VS60 S35)
- roof made of anthracite plastic sheet
- roofing gutters and downspouts from anthracite plastic
- roof structure - wood farm, fully lockable under roof
- insulation in the ceiling UAH. 300 mm, vapor barrier
- ceilings with drywall, 2x white paint,
- floor electric Central heating regulation in each room
- electrical installation with switches and lamps (without lamps)
- wiring to alarm
- TV distribution in preparation for satellite and home phone.
the lightning protection system, including validation in accordance with currently applicable STN norms.
- all external connection to control valves and separate ismerely
- sidewalks and terraces with the locking plate,
- fence with plastic mesh,
- Parking of the grass blocks
- drainage paths along the perimeter of the house with a round stone FR. 32-64 mm
- tripods for all drainage systems
- full landscaping including turf and landscaping.

The process of buying a new home in the village of Láb, standard 2A/510 - 3 bedroom. The signing of the contract of the Deposit on buying a house, the Deposit 5 000 euros. After the registration of real estate and commissioning, the signing of the contract of sale, payment of the remaining amount value of the property 131 000 euros.